From Earth to Space


From Earth to Space


✰✰✰✰✰ With “La Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie” and “Le Palais de la découverte” ✰✰✰✰✰

At what altitude does a helicopter fly? What is the outer core? Who was the first astronaut? Is the Eiffel Tower taller than the Statue of Liberty? Learn about over 60 objects that fly,crawl,swim,or float,as well as monuments from Earth and space.

The application also contains 40 additional detailed objects for a fee and a quiz that’s a fun way to test your knowledge.

Nous vous recommandons de découvrir l’application avec votre enfant afin de lui présenter les différentes fonctionnalités  et de lui permettre très vite de l’utiliser de manière autonome.

We recommend that you discover the app along with your child to show them the various features and empower them to use them on their own.